Charles A. McCon
On USN Destroyer
              Denham Springs News
Norfolk, Va. (FHTNC)--Charles A. McCon, seaman, USN, son of Mr.
and Mrs. Alvin M. McCon of Route 1, Livingston, LA is serving
aboard the destroyer USS Bearss, observed by President John F.
Kennedy during a two-day visit on April 13 and 14 to the Atlantic
Fleet in Norfolk, VA.
The President, accompanied by Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson
members of the Washington diplomatic corps and U. S.
Congressmen, arrived in Norfolk the afternoon of April 13.
After a brief cruise in the fleet ballistic missile submarine USS
Thomas A. Edison, the Presidential party boarded the tactical
command ship USS Northampton to observe night air operations by
the attack aircraft carrier USS Enterprise and USS Forrestal.
The next morning, the President received full honors in a review of
the Second Fleet, and, following an anti-submarine warfare exercise
and an aerial firepower demonstration by the Enterprise and
Forrestal, his party observed amphibious assult landings using both
landing craft and helicopters at Onslo Beach, N. C.
The presidential party returned to Washington late Saturday