1. Columbus,Ohio          1992

2. St. Louis, MO            1993

3. Flatwoods, WV         1994

4. Newport, RI               1995

5. Baton Rough, LA       1996

6. San Francisco, CA     1997

7. Charleston, SC           1998

8. Norfolk, VA               1999

9. Milwaukee, WI         2000

10. Washington, DC      2001

11. Philadelphia, PA     2002

12. Pittsburgh, PA         2003

13. Boston, MA            2004
14. Baltimore, MD        2005

15. Buffalo, NY            2006

16. Rapid City, SD       2007

17. Charleston, SC        2008

18. San Antonio, TX    2009

19. Lancaster, PA          2010   

20. Batton Rouge, LA    2011

21. Nashville, TN         2012

22. Savannah, GA         2013

23. Branson, MO          2014

24.Providence, RI         2015

25. Rapid City, SD        2016

26. Pittsburgh, PA          2017
Here's where we've been:
Definition Of A Veteran
A veteran - whether active duty, retired, national guard, or is someone who, at one point in his or her
life, wrote a blank check up to and including their life.

That is Honor, and there are way too many people in this country who no longer understand it.
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10/19/2016 - Posted a few photo's of a mini reunion with Ron and Redith. Check them out here      
Mini Reunion
10/31/2016 - Started adding some Reunion Pictures.
2016 Reunion Photos 1
12/20/2016 - December Newsletter
2016 December Newsletter
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2016 Sandy Reunion Photos
3/21/2017 - Spring Newsletter   2017 Spring Newsletter
5/21/2017 - Hello all. Everett Hartman has taken a fall. He broke his hip and is in the hospital
scheduled to come home in 3 days.  His son Mark sent me a text and I have no other information.
5/31/2017 - Added a new series of pictures . Check them out here.
Memories of Reunions Past

Subject:        Update on Nicholas Burde Jr. USS Bearss
Date:        Mon, 12 Jun 2017 19:42:11 -0400
From:        Mary Lou <mlburde@gmail.com>a
To:        charlesamccon@eatel.net


My father, Nicholas Burde Jr., received your May newsletter, forwarded to his new address.  Please
send future communications to:

Sunrise Living of Madison
215 Madison Ave., Apt. 233
Madison, NJ  07940

He and my mother had been living in Florida for many years.  My mother, Constance Burde, passed
away on March 25th after a year of poor health.  Not wanting to leave my father in Florida alone, we
moved him here to NJ to be near me.

My brother David lives in California, but we decided NJ would be a better fit for my Dad, since it is
where he grew up (Belleville) and where David and I were raised.  He has a number of nieces and
nephews in the area who can visit from time to time, so that was a factor as well.  I live with my
husband George in Chester, about a half hour from Madison.  

Dad is getting along fairly well, though he needs the services available at Assisted Living.  We felt
Sunrise of Madison offered the best place for him.

Although Dad will not be able to attend the reunion, I know he misses the opportunity to connect with
his shipmates.  I'm not sure how active your organization is, but do keep him in mind in case there are
any folks in the area that would enjoy visiting with him.  Dad was a USNA graduate, class of 1945.

Thank you!

Mary Lou Burde
(862) 324-9007
6/16/2017 - Charlie McCon got the following e-mail that he is sharing.
P.S. - Thank you so much for posting this information.  I should have included Dad's email address as
well.  He loves to receive e-mails.  He can answer with a short message only, as his fingers are not
accustomed to typing!  
6/19/2017 - Charlie McCon received this note from Betty Messmore the wife of Warren Messmore
one of our WWII members. Perhaps sending him a card would brighten his day.
Warren Messmore
239 Brenner
Galesburg, IL.  61401-1721
7/10/2017 - Shipmates I got a call last night informing me that Patricia Gehris (wife of Bruce Gehris  
Life Member) has got Leukemia. She has been hospitalized for further treatment and testing. Prayers
are requested and needed. Cards may be sent to the house.

Partica Gehris
1138 Brookside Road
Wescosville, PA.  18106
7/16/2017 - Added July Newsletter  2017 July Newsletter
                 and 2017 Reunion Sign Up List   2017 Sign Up List
Charlie Custers wife Madeline has passed away
8/06/2017 - Reunion information from Glenna.
Charlie, I just talked with the hotel about some mix ups about reservations.  If you want to post this
866-807-2819, they may get there faster for reservations.  Also, they said the CODE is USS
and if you ask for the 16th it won't come up, but will for the 17th and they can still do the 16th for the
same rate.  A bit confusing but some are having some trouble.