2019  Proud Grandparents  
 “Calvin Hurt (our grandson) and five other Texas crew members were in
Huston, Texas two weeks ago for the bi-annual namesake celebration of the
submarine USS Texas SSN-775,( fast attack) stationed in Honolulu,
Hawaii.  The six crew members who carried the honors from Pearl Harbor
to Texas were the commander, weapons officer, master chief (COB), senior
chief (Calvin), senior enlisted man of the year and junior enlisted man of the
John (58 to 61) and Dora Stevens shared this information with me. I thought it was worthy of
sharing with the crew.
 They had a great time riding in the rodeo, meeting many interesting people
including Roger Staubach and having lunch with George and Laura Bush at
the Bush Presidential Library in College Station, Texas.  
Walk proudly John and Dora