This music is for you Randolph!
Our tour of Pittsburgh included a ride on the Duquesne Incline and     
The Just Ducky tour.
Our reunion back in 2003 included a ride on the Duquesne Incline that was a nighttime ride.
This view included just one of the 446 bridges in Pittsburgh.
Here's another view of the incline.
With a tip of the hat. We end our "Just Ducky Tour."
After all this time we have our first self admitted Gay couple attend our reunion.
A very warm welcome to Randolph and Mittie Gay!
Randolph served on the Bearss from 1957 to 1960.
During our annual business meeting Charlie tries again to no avail. To have someone else
assume the duties of President. Like every other year. He's met with grins and snickers. We
again remind him. It's like a marriage. Till death do you part.
Charlie graciously accepts the presidency. Stop and think. Why would we change horses in the
middle of the stream? Charlie and
Glenna do a wonderful job, so there is no reason to change.
After the reunion Dot and I paid a visit to John and Dora Stevens. They send their best to
everyone and hopefully they can come next year in Norfolk.
By the way. This is NOT their back yard! This picture was taken in the beautiful botanical
gardens that we visited with them.
Please keep checking back. I've got more pictures to add.
Everett Our first President and Charles our last President