2015 Providence Reunion
Bill and Virginia couldn't make it to the reunion this year. They did make a visit
to my "other" ships reunion for a day. It was just a couple hours drive for them.
Thankfully Bill restrained telling all he knows about me to my "other"
shipmates. They are planning on attending the reunion in Rapid City if all goes
Dan took his second plane flight to get here. (First and LAST). It was not a good
experience for him.
Welcome to a first time attendee. Mr. Alfred Noreen
Ya just can't keep the youngsters noses out of their cell phones Are we "that"
It seems like our ladies have learned from the past. They didn't embarrass the
crew by making too much noise as in years past.
We had a tour at Scialo Bros. Bakery. It was more than a lot of us thought it
would be. What a pleasant surprise we all had.
Their storefront displayed some of their work.
We went behind the scenes to get an education and see how it was all done.
She explained each bread. Their textures, flavors and what they are mainly used
for. With all the aromas. Many of us are salivating wanting some of the goodies.
We are in another room where the preparation and baking are done.
We were pleasantly surprised with trays of goodies and coffee!
The oven. Where it's all done.
They fired up the oven for us. During normal operation the empty oven is heated
and brought up to temperature. The flame then is extinguished and the "baking"
is done by the hot bricks.
Cleaning the oven with a old wet apron. (Navy talk.......Cleaning Firesides!).
The workhorse of the bakery. The mixer.